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AVID Proof Brown; No Wrap

AVID Proof Brown; No Wrap

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Skyler Woodward’s new AVID Proof series cues are just that, proof. Proof that competitive players can not only perform, but excel at the game’s highest level without being born with a silver-spoon in their mouths.

  • AVID Super Straight Taper
  • Whiskey stained maple and creme accents
  • Five point forearm and five window butt sleeve
  • Gloss black butt cap and joint collar
  • Duo Smart Extension Ready Bumper
  • CT logo joint protectors

Shaft: Avid 11.75mm, 12.25mm, or 12.75mm Low-Deflection Glass Fiber Bonded Shaft
Standard Shaft Length: 29”
Standard Tip: Tiger® Everest Laminated (Medium)
Joint: 3/8x14 Cuetec Joint (21.30mm)
Shaft Collar: 1.5mm Black Phenolic
Standard Weight: 19oz (Acueweight adjustable in 0.25 oz. increments)

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